John B. Sanfilippo Commercial Ingredients


Procurement expertise and vertical integration across multiple nut types allow us to control the supply and quality of our nuts from the moment they are harvested. Our shelling facilities in California, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina are located in central growing regions for walnuts, pecans and peanuts. The in-shell nuts we buy are transported directly from the farmer’s field to our temperature controlled buildings before we crack, clean and sort them.

Our investments in manufacturing, roasting, coating and packaging allow us to offer a diverse product portfolio to service customers and consumers across mulitple channels. We provide value added items to retailers and major food companies in the Consumer, Commercial Ingredient, International, and Contract Manufacturing channels.

Our commitments to research and development and consumer insights guide our efforts to identify and create new product opportunities and capatilize on changing food industry trends. We have a deep understanding of the nut consumer and nut ingredient user.

For over 90 years, our company has created value for our customers and delivered consistent quality nuts and snacks every day. We have the people, brands, and processes to earn your trust and be your preferred partner.

Not all nuts are created equal